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Cedarwood Spotlight

Hello Oily Family!!

Lately I’ve started working out. Even though I feel better and look better, working out can be very tiring. One thing I found that really helps me stay motivated throughout my workout, is dōTERRA’s Cedarwood essential oil. I massage one to two drops onto my chest to help maintain vitality throughout my workout.

Did you know that dōTERRA Cedarwood is a great oil for promoting relaxation? With properties that help to soothe the mind and body, the warm, woody scent of Cedarwood essential oil can create a relaxing environment when used topically or aromatically. After a long day, diffuse to create a calming environment or apply one to two drops to the bottom of your child’s feet to help soothe and calm them when they wake up frightened. Not only is it used to help you have feelings of calmness, it also helps keep your skin looking healthy. During your facial routine, add one to two drops to your facial toner or moisturizer to promote clear, healthy looking skin.

Learn more about dōTERRA Cedarwood by checking out its uses and benefits below.

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