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Peace on Earth

Hello friends!!!!

This week we would like to spotlight some good summer essential oils. With summer trips on the mind we thought we would give some tips and tricks to keep it your long drives calm and under control. One of the managers here in our department, Mikki, recently took a 10 hour drive down to Santa Monica in a small car with four people and all the luggage mashed inside. She is the type of person who has lots of needless worry before and during long periods of travel. Thankfully, she remembered to pack her touch roller bottles of Frankincense and Peace. She was thankful they were so easy to apply even while she was driving. These blends helped keep the atmosphere in the car relaxed and positive. Since we have already done a spotlight on Frankincense, here is a way to introduce the Peace oil on your website:

I don’t know about you but I like some peace in my life, especially when it comes to road trips. The fun part about dōTERRA is they actually have an essential oil blend that is called Peace so I make sure to pack that for all my long car trips, or just anytime I’m in the car. dōTERRA’s Peace was made as part of their Emotional Aromatherapy System and is only one of six wonderful blends to help keep your and your family’s emotions balanced. Check out all the uses for Peace here:

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