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Welcome to 2018

Welcome to 2018 Friends!

We hope that your first week has already been more prosperous and productive than all the weeks in 2017. The New Year is such an exciting time to meet new people, expand your business, and improve yourself as a person. Because the better you are, the better your business will be, right?

Now, I’m not going to tell you how to improve yourself, but I can tell you a great way to help improve your business! dōTERRA’s New Year New You promotion is still in full force and is the perfect way to share the oils and increase the size of your team.

A week into 2018 and I am still feeling all the New Year juju which has me motivated to experience all the possibilities life is going to give me this year! And, of course, dōTERRA is only helping. Their New Year New You promotion will give you the confidence and courage to keep sharing. So, for those of you wondering, “what is this thing she’s talking about”, here’s the break down. A new member will have to attend your New Year New You event between now and February 28th. Make sure you get the event code to be entered. . Then, if you enroll within 3-5 business days with a 100+ PV enrollment order and have a 100+ PV LRP in the following month, you will have 100 points toward free product added to your account!

Check out dōTERRA’s New Year New You Promotions page from for all the details:

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