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BOGO Day 3! Keeping the Family Healthy

Day 3 BOGO!!!

Purchase an Oregano get a Melaleuca for FREE!!!

Today only, when you buy Oregano 15 mL, you will receive Melaleuca 15 mL for FREE! Simply add Oregano to your cart, and Melaleuca will automatically appear when you click to process your order!

These two essential oils have been in HEAVY rotation in my house with all of the crud going around. Thankfully, I have been able to remain healthy through it all.

I refer to Oregano as the oil that get's rid of things. If you are starting to feel under the weather, grab your Oregano and take 2 drops in a veggie cap with the rest of your Bomb shot (lemon, melaleuca, frankincense, and onguard) 3 times a day and you will kick whatever you are fighting before you actually get the crud.

Oregano is also great for helping to get rid of a wide variety of skin imperfections, bumps and skin tags.

Melaleuca is used daily in my house!!!! I use it topically on break outs, it works amazing on many mouth sores. It is also natural way to open airways. Everytime my little boys start feeling under the weather I get them in the bath and they go with Melaleuca.

Oregano Sku: 30180001

$29.33 Retail, $22.00 Wholesale

Limit of five per household

No doTERRA wholesale account yet??? Check out how you can save $330, get 14 oils in your home and a diffuser!!!! Offer good for today only.

Want to take advantage of this deal???? Click the link HERE to get started and I will send you an extra gift for getting started with your essential oils during BOGO week! (If someone else has been helping you with oils before me, please go back to them to have them help you order) xo Erin

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