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Can I spOIL you or a Friend?

Hey all you amazing wholesale customers out there!!!!

I want to thank you for all for catching the oil bug! LOL!!! :) It is so fun going through this journey with all of you. I offer my team a huge amount of product and oil education as well as awesome giveaways. I love getting to know you. So I am writing this today to thank you! You and your oil order not only are helping you and your family but you are helping people all around the world. You are also helping me and my family and many other of my educators families who are running this as a business... soooooo Thank you!!!! Your orders mean the world to us.

So I want to offer you a really fun thing called spOIL. I want to spoil as many friends as you would like. I will be sending them 4 oil samples and 4 product samples and a 5 day amazing education on how to use them. If you want me to spOIL a friend for you please let me know and I will send them a fun little package in the mail personally from me.

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