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Yoggi's!!!! Oils

Hey Yoggi's!!!!

Today we are focusing on the new doTERRA Yoga Collection, which includes three blends: Anchor, Align, and Arise. I am starting yoga in my daily routine, 21 days to form a habit right?? I am subscribed to a yoga series on YouTube called Yoga with Adriene, there are so many but they teach proper form, movement, and breathing during practice. While I love it and have had many positive experiences from taking these classes, some days I finds it difficult to align my mind and body to receive all the benefits from the class. When this collection was announced, I was very happy and excited to start using the Yoga Collection blends.

All of us experience moments of weakness, , chaos, and confusion. In those times, dōTERRA’s Yoga Collection is the perfect trio to turn to, yogi. . Anchor helps you feel complete, calm, and courageous. Align brings harmony and encourages calm progression. Arise lifts your spirits and clears your mind so you can accomplish what you need to. Whether you need the support while managing your schedule, helping your family, or making it through your yoga practice, these blends will give you the peace, strength, and courage to get it done. To learn more about these amazing blends, check out dōTERRA’s spotlight on the collection:

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