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Spotlighting Blue Tansy

Hey Friends!!!

As we continue our series of the new products released at doTERRA's convention this past September, this week we will be focusing on our Blue Tansy Essential Oil. This oil comes from the Moroccan plant Tanacetum annuum and is a cousin to the Roman Camomile plant. Be careful to not get it on your clothes or skin directly because it has been known to stain from its deep indigo color. But don't worry, use it topically with Fractionated Coconut oil and you will be stain free. #smurfOil

Blue Tansy is one of the latest and greatest oils to be released and comes from a bright yellow-flowered Mediterranean herb. Most of you have actually probably already experienced the benefits of Blue Tansy as it is a key ingredient in the Deep Blue collection. It has naturally powerful soothing properties that help provide relief after a hard workout. On its own, this oil is perfect for reducing blemishes, is a great help when your mood needs a little extra oomph, and can provide a more concentrated soothing sensation when applied topically with Fractionated Coconut Oil. Want to know more about this wonderful new oil?

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