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Rose Buds a bloomin'

Hey Friends!!!

This week’s Drop of Wisdom focuses on the new Rose Touch essential oil. Rose can also be found in our dōTERRA Console, Immortelle, and Whisper blends. Whisper is a fascinating oil for me because, when used as a perfume, its smell changes based on who wears it.

Similarly, Rose will give you a unique and personal fragrance to have throughout the day.

A welsh actor, Richard Burton, once said, “If I had a chance for another life, I would certainly choose a better complexion.” Same, my friend, same. While we can’t change our complexion, we can use dōTERRA’s new Rose Touch, which is a gift from the universe when it comes to getting our glow back. This precious oil comes from the Bulgarian rose and requires one of the most labor-intensive processes to produce. Rose essential oil keeps you happy and uplifted, perfect for the stress of the upcoming holiday season. Just apply a little to your pulse points throughout the day to keep you calm and collected. Want to know even more about this amazing new oil?

Check out the Spotlight on dōTERRA.com: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/blog/spotlight/rose/touch

dōTERRA Science also conducted an interesting study on the benefits of rose on other plants. You can read about it here: dōTERRA Science Blog.

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