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Spotlighting Frankincense

Hey Friends!!!

This week we are spotlighting an oil known as the King of Oils because of its biblical references and the wide variety of benefits it offers. You guessed it, we are talking about Frankincense essential oil.

One use for it that I recently discovered was to use it in a diffuser blend with Wild Orange. That is probably a known fact that the combo smells good but I just discovered how delightful it really is! This blend puts me in a better mood and gives me extra motivation while I’m at work.

One of my favorite doTERRA essential oils is Frankincense, because it has such a unique aroma and so many practical uses. I always keep Frankincense oil close at hand, because I find myself using it nearly every day. Not only does Frankincense oil have a rich scent, but Frankincense has many benefits for the skin, can promote a relaxing environment in the home, is often used for massage, and more. Once you start using Frankincense in your daily routine, it will likely become one of your favorite oils too. Check out the doTERRA product blog to learn more about how you can use Frankincense oil in your daily life.

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