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Hello Spring!

Hey Friends!!!

This week is a story of hope and healing brought by one of our Wellness Advocates, Patti Stevens, who volunteers her time at the WestCare Foundation Facility in Las Vegas. This facility helps women struggling with addiction or abuse to find the strength to overcome their struggles and discover their self-worth again. Patti uses her Qigong certification, a type of standing meditation, along with her knowledge of yoga to help women relax and find success in the exercises. The following is one way you could introduce this heartwarming story on your own blog:

Serving is one of my favorite ways to get out of the house, which is why I love hearing stories about how other people find ways to serve their communities. Patti Stevens is a great example of using her knowledge of health and wellness to positively benefit the emotional wellbeing of women who have struggled with addictions or abuse. The WestCare Foundation Facility in Las Vegas allows Patti to teach classes that “help women improve their health, find focus, and re-center their lives.” How have you found a good way to use your knowledge of wellness to help those in your community?

In celebration of the new season blooming, we thought we would include a super easy DIY Spring Fling Room Spray to keep your living areas smelling bright and sunshiny.

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