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Eyes of Beauty

What is beauty to you?

I think in this era we have a misconception of beauty. I am learning now ... in my 30's that I am probably more beautiful than I have ever been. Looking at some of the life lines on my face, unperfectly perfect body that is so full of love and passion, is actually very sexy and worthy.

Being a mom, I thought I lost my heartbeat and my thoughts that take my breath away. Why is this so okay? With all the things in our minds all day everyday... and the struggle with the juggle of life we tend to forget we have the right to still be and feel sexy without judgement. As women this is POWER... this is drive and motivation.

We as women need to stand up and take our sexuality back. Sexy doesn't have to be gross. It can be flawless, cute, cuddly, expression and confidence. Sexuality comes in all shapes, forms and sizes. If you are a women, YOU ARE SEXY, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, and YOU ARE WORTHY.

I am so ready to gain my confidence and TRULY Be ME!!!

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