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Are you Ready to Be Wild And Brave??

I am teaming up over at Hendrix Coaching at the Wild and Brave HEADQUARTERS!

Here at HEADQUARTERS they picks up where your last book, your last conference call, your last event left off, with plenty of ideas and information, but an uncertainty of how to execute it.

Join us here in HEADQUARTERS with your goal and The Hendrix Coaching will and can help you achieve your WIN

Right Now we are doing a 21 day Confidence challenge.

Each day spend a few minutes reflecting, and identify 3 things that went well and why they matter. Write them down every day for 21 days in a row. Do your "What went well and why" reflection at the same time and in the same place every day if possible. This creates a trigger that helps you successfully for the habit. Use the check boxes on the left, and 3 lines each day to record your WWW + Why to see your progress! Use the buddy system! Join a friend or get your whole team involved in the challenge to build a culture of confidence. Resist the temptation skip a day! Change is hard, and resistance is a good sign that you are forcing your brain to do something new! Share on social media each day to build your confidence and stay accountable.. Suggested Social Media Hashtags: #WBChallenge #Confidence #Day1/Day2/etc.

Comment below if you are in and we will follow you and help motivate you on your way to fully embracing YOU!

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