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Rise from the Ashes

As I sit here today I am taken back to the day that I never thought would happen in my life time, happened.

My brother that was in Kindergarten at the time came crashing into my bedroom saying the white house blew up. I told him to go on and stop watching Independence day. I tried to go back to sleep but instead woke up and continued getting ready for the day ahead.

I saw on the news what had actually happened and what was continuing to happen. Me, being on the other side of the country still had a fear bigger than I had ever known before. I had to drop my little innocent baby brother off at a public school. As he walked away I sat in my car crying harder than I had ever cried before, I was so scared I would never see him again.

This past January I got to mark NYC off of my bucket list. I went with a very dear friend of mine who went through a boot camp earlier that summer and it was time to launch the book HBR! "HUSTLE BELIEVE RECEIVE" by Sarah Centrella. What a magical moment as we got off the plane in JFK Airport. I couldn't believe I was actually there. I would have never have gone if these stepping stones were not in place.

I got to TOUR all around NYC and experience all it has to offer; Central Park, 5th AVE, Wall Street, Central Station, Manhattan, Statue of Liberty, GROUND ZERO, the subway, Brooklyn...Just to name a few.

My heart breaks today as I reflect back on this national tragedy. I know because of it and because I traveled to New York City my heart will for ever bleed the RED, WHITE and BLUE. NYC is a beautiful city and I can't wait to go back and experience it even MORE.


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