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10% OFF until Tomorrow

Have we talked about essential oils ever? Now is the time not only are these kits 10% until tomorrow, but when you get your wholesale account you get 25% off! I would say now is the time to see what some fun oils could look like in your home.

HURRY comment below if you want only want to order a single oil or a different kit.

End of month order going in. I've included links for two of the kits on sale this month that include your own wholesale account. Get 10% off our new Protect and Respond Kits!

👉🏼 Protect Kit ⚡️🛡⚡️ 15 mL: Tea Tree, Bergamot, Purify® 5 mL: On Guard®, On Guard Hand Mist, Petal 2.0 Diffuser. Enrollment fee is waived. Price: $125.00, 100 PV ($166.67 Retail) Savings: $13.50 (+$35 enrollment fee for enrollment option)

👉🏼 Respond Kit 🌿💓🍋 15 mL: Lemon, Copaiba, Peppermint, Lavender, Adaptiv™, Breathe, 5 mL: Frankincense. Enrollment fee is waived. Price: $150, 150 PV ($200.00 Retail) Savings: $28.50 (+$35 for enrollment)

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