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Kandy Elliott


I am 42 year old mom of three. I was born and raised here in Oregon. I have always loved caring for and helping others, and yet lacked self confidence....which led to Culinary Arts schooling rather than Nursing. Later in life I was offered a free Nurses Assistant Course and I found my passion. I continued on to Medical Assistant and was on top of the world, until illness struck completely the end of 2012 it was discovered by accident that I had cancer. Talk about CRASH!!! I did my chemo, fought my battle. Two years in remission, finally a little bit of my physical and mental self back, I made the decision to do and learn as much as I can to live as healthy, non toxic, and chemical free as I can...enter some great people I met from both a fitness group and a wellness advocate in the wonderful world of oils. I have been learning so much about how to use oils and in what circumstances to use which oils! I have gone oil lovin' crazy!!! I use them for just about everything! ...personal care, home care, physical needs, emotional needs...and more! I am so excited to learn even more and can't wait to share and help others realize and enjoy the beneficial uses of oiling as I have!


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