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Andrea Moran


Hello, my name is Andrea and I have an addiction to natural living and nutrition. I am a veteran of the United States Army, currently serving the civilian world as an infantryman's wife, and the mother to three beautiful children, and expecting our fourth. After the army I received a degree in nutrition (I still have a little ways to go to complete my education goals), but nutrition started me down the path of wellness.

My second child began having health problems shortly after birth and I began to drastically alter our lives to eliminate toxins which had a drastic effect on our oldest as well. Seeing the change in our autistic child completely changed my life. I began dabbling in essential oils to make house hold cleaners that are safe and toxin free (a specialty of mine), when a friend introduced me to doTerra I realized that essential oils could be incorporated into nearly every aspect of my life and I've never been the same. I am absolutely passionate about helping others change their lives through natural wellness too.

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